UNI-UTG9020A Function Generator

UNI-UTG9020A Function Generator

Varenummer: UNI-UTG9020A
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 UTG9020A DDS Function Generator 

 1.   High stability can be ensured by using software to auto calibrate.
 2. The frequency can be as stable as that of the crystal oscillator, the resolution high by using   Direct Digital Synthesis  (DDS) techniques.
 3. Digital linear sweeps, logarithmic sweepsand adjustable amplitude.
 4. The instrument sweeps can be completed within the full frequency range while analog signal generator sweeps are performed segmentally.
 5. A large number of integrated circuits are used to fully integrate and enhance reliability.
 6. Enter frequency parameters with the keypad or turn the rotary knob continuously to adjust them. The panel is clearand easy to use.
 7. Equipped with 100MHz frequency meter
 8. Synchronous TTL level output
 9. Adjustable DC output level and square duty ratio

Feature UTG9020A
Waveforms Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp up, Ramp down,
Exponential Rise, Exponential Fall
Range 0.1Hz to 20MHz
Accuracy 0.01Hz (≤3.05kHz), 1Hz (>3.05kHz)
Resolution 0.01Hz or 8 digit
Stability <1ppm/℃
Range 0.1Hz to 5MHz
Accuracy 0.01Hz (≤3.05kHz), 1Hz (>3.05kHz)
Resolution 0.01Hz or 8 digit
Rise/Fall Time <20ns
Duty Cycle 20% to 80%
Triangle, Ramp, sin(x)/x
Range 0.1Hz to 1MHz
Accuracy 0.01Hz (≤3.05kHz), 1Hz (>3.05kHz)
Resolution 0.01Hz or 8 digit
Linearity <0.2% to 30kHz
Range 0.5mVpp to 10Vpp (into 50Ω), 1mVpp to 20Vpp (into open circuit)
Accuracy ± 5%
Resolution 0.1mV
Output Impedance 50Ω
Attenuator 20dB + 40dB
DC Offset from -10V to +10V
Input Impedance 1kΩ
Modulation Depth Controlled by the amplitude of extenal signal, 100% (5Vp-p input)
Frequency Counter
Frequency Range 1Hz to 100MHz
Amplitude Range 0.1Vp-p to 5Vp-p
Input Impedance 10kΩ



Power AC 220V / 50Hz
Product Color Red and Grey
Product Net Weight 3kgs
Product Size 320mm x 240mm x 100mm
Standard Accessories BNC to BNC Cable, Power Cord, English Manual