Novus-LogBoxDA-64k datalogger 2 kanaler, IP67 (8813001011)

Novus-LogBoxDA-64k datalogger 2 kanaler, IP67 (8813001011)

Leverandør: Novus Automation
Varenummer: Novus-LogBoxDA-64k
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The Novus LogBox-DA is a high-quality and highly versatile microprocessor-based stand alone data acquisition instrument for a pulse and a process variable signal. The sturdy, waterproof device features two analogue inputs which can be accurately recorded to an internal memory with a capacity of 64,000 readings. (32000 pr. channel)

The Logbox is configured using the optional IRLink3 USB to IR adaptor which plugs directly into a standard USB port on your PC or laptop. The free LogChart II software allows the full configuration of the LogBox, together with logging start and stop, data offload and subsequent analysis of the data using powerful graphing tools.

Details of the optional infrared adaptor can be found here: Novus IR Link 3

Alternatively, you can use a Palm handheld together with the free LogChart for PalmOS software to fully program the LogBox-AA, offload and view the data, or to transfer data across to a PC and use the free LogChart II software to analyse and graph the data on the PC.

The software allows you to define the logger operation mode, program the start/stop time of data acquisition, and set parameters such as signal input type, logging interval (between 10s and 18 hours), multiplication factor, scale range etc. The software also allows download, analysis (in tabular and graphical format), printing and export of all data.


    • Power: internal 3.6V lithium battery
    • Channel 1 inputs: NPN, PNP, pulse or dry contact
        Max Frequency: Selectable, 4,000Hz or 20Hz
        Max Count: 65535 per period
    • Channel 2 inputs: 4-20 mA, 0-20mA, 0-50 mVdc or 0-10Vdc Internal resolution: 4096 counts (12-bit)
    • Capacity: 64k readings (log frequency programmable from 10s to 18hrs)
    • Accuracy: Linear voltage or current: 0.15% of maximum range
  • Start logging options
      Preset date/time
                 Palm PDA command
  • Stop logging options                 
      When full
      Preset date/time
      After a number of readings
      Wraparound (overwrites first readings)
  • Built-in sensor PSU switch automatically switches on power to external sensors when taking a reading, then switches power off (extends external sensor battery life)
  • Includes LogChart-II Microsoft Windows configuration and analysis software and PalmOS software
  • Ambient temperature: -40°C to 70°C
  • Material: ABC + PC case; polycarbonate film
  • Dimensions: 60 x 70 x 35 mm