ETI-271-01x MicroCheck, with UKAS calibration certificate

ETI-271-01x MicroCheck, with UKAS calibration certificate

Leverandør: Electronical Temperature Instruments
Varenummer: ETI-271-01x
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These MicroCheck temperature checkers have been developed to verify the continuing accuracy of type K thermocouple thermometers with a 0.1 or 1°C resolution and an accuracy of ±0.5°C.

All checkers feature a custom 10 mm LCD display with alpha-numeric display line to prompt the user when changing parameters. Selectable parameters include: °C/°F, auto-power off - enable/disable, CJC - internal/ external and display contrast adjustment.

These temperature ch e c k e r s simulate three fixed temperatures, enabling users to check the accuracy of each instrument at three known points without the need for specialist equipment.

Each MicroCheck is supplied with a one metre PVC type K thermocouple lead with miniature connectors and a three-point UKAS Certificate of Calibration. Each certificate indicates deviations from standards at the various points.

ETI-271-01x  MicroCheck, with UKAS calibration certificate

Model ETI 271-011  MicroCheck 1 range: 0°C, 100°C & 500°C

Model ETI 271-012  MicroCheck 2 range: -20°C, 20°C & 200°C

Model ETI 271-014  MicroCheck 3 range: -20°C, 0°C & 220°C

Model ETI 271-015  MicroCheck 4 range: -20°C, 0°C & 100°C


Da dette termometer leveres med et UKAS kalibreringscertifikat (som jo altid ønskes så nyt som muligt), skal det en tur igennem ETI’s akkrediterede kalibreringsafdeling (i England) før det kan leveres!
Dette termometer er derfor ikke en standart lagervare her hos LTM Instruments A/S!
Leveringstiden er alt i alt ca. 2 uger (7-10 arbejdsdage).

Temperature points   3 fixed temperatures
 Accuracy   ±0.5°C
 Battery   2 x 1.5 volt AAA
 Battery life   300 hours
 Sensor type   K thermocouple
 Display   Custom LCD
 Dimensions   35 x 73 x 141mm
 Weight   220 grams
 Case material   ABS plastic
 Country of manufacture   United Kingdom
 Guarantee   Two years
 Measurement scale   Celsius
 Certification   UKAS calibration certificate