ETI-291-571 ThermaData Logger 2 input Thermocouple (T) without display

ETI-291-571 ThermaData Logger 2 input Thermocouple (T) without display

Leverandør: Electronical Temperature Instruments
Varenummer: ETI-291-502
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This 2 ch. ThermaData® thermocouple data logger are housed in a waterproof, ergonomic case that is designed to meet IP66/67 protection. Two models are available, either blind or with LCD display.

The Thermocouple ThermaData®data loggers measure temperature over the range of -100 to 400 °C with a 0.1 °C resolution, auto-ranging to 1 °C over the range of 300 to 400 °C. At programmable intervals the loggers will record the temperature, up to a maximum of 16000 readings or 2 x 8000 readings.

For details of the wide range of thermocouple probes available:   Thermocouple Probes

Each logger incorporates a red and green LED, the flashing green LED indicates that the logger is active/logging and the flashing red LED indicates that your customised pre-set alarms have been exceeded. Each logger is supplied with a USB lead and ThermaData® Studio Software.

ThermaData Studio software

The ThermaData logger is connected to a PC via a serial or USB port lead. By selecting the relevant icon the data can be downloaded and displayed either as a graph, table or summary. The information can then be analysed by zooming in, storing to disc.

USB Connection Point

Simply remove the end cap to access the USB port. This allows the user to connect the logger to a PC via the USB lead (supplied) and upload the temperature readings collected.



Thermocouple ThermaData® data logger


-100 to 400 °C

Operating range

-20 to +50 °C


0.1 °C to 300 °C thereafter 1 °C


±0.4 °C ±0.1 % of reading


16000 or 2 x 8000 readings

Sample rate

0.1 to 255 minutes

Battery type

AA Tadiran - Li-SOCl

Battery life

3 years @ 20 °C


10 mm LCD / 2 LEDs


35 x 67 x 109 mm

 Water resistant   IP65


 200 gram