MaT-Rain110 Rainfall Recording System
MaT-Rain110  Rainfall Recording System

MaT-Rain110 Rainfall Recording System

Leverandør: MadgeTech
Varenummer: MaT-Rain110
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Rainfall Recording System

This complete system measures rainfall with a resolution of 0.01"" (0.0254cm) and records up to 6"" (15cm) of rainfall data per hour. The Rain110 is ideal for short and long term rainfall monitoring. Data may be displayed in standard or metric units. System includes a tipping-bucket rain gauge, the Event110 data data logger in a water resistant enclosure, and interface cable and software package (IFC110).




Rainfall Accuracy ±4% over range of 1" to 6" per hour
Orfice 8" dia. (204mm dia.)
Reed Switch Contact rating 3W, 28VAC
Rainfall per Bucket Tip (3) 1/4" dia. holes on 9.5" dia. circle
Rainfall Tripod/Mast Kit Contact factory for availability




Memory 13,107 samples, 131" (332cm) of rain
Baud Rate 57,600
Battery Life 10 years
Dimensions 2.9" x 4.0" x 1.1" (74mm X 102mm X 28mm)
Operating Environment 0~60°C (32~140°F)