Hioki-LR8512 Wireless Pulse logger unit

Hioki-LR8512 Wireless Pulse logger unit

Leverandør: Hioki E.E. Corporation
Varenummer: Hioki-LR8512
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Perform pulse integration of vehicle speed or flow rate for equipment such as air conditioners

The Hioki LR8512/LR8513 are input modules of a wireless multi-channel data logger of pulse, logic signal and AC/DC current using Bluetooth® technology to send measured data to a central logging station. LR8410 series Wireless logger.

Note: The LR8512/8513 alone is not capable of making measurements.
Countries and regions where wireless operation is currently supported: Japan, U.S.A., Canada, EU, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, Russia, Vietnam, and India.
Bluetooth® is a trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and licensed for use by HIOKI E.E. CORPORATION.


• For pulse totalization and measuring logical ON/OFF signals or revolutions
• Compact, two-channel model fits where other devices don’t
• Measurement data is sent to the Hioki LR8410 using Bluetooth® wireless technology
• Measurement data is saved even when communications are interrupted
• Three-way power (AC adapter, AA alkaline batteries, or external 5 to 13.5 V power supply)
• Instrument can store 500,000 data points per channel


LR8512 Basic specifications (Accuracy guaranteed for 1 year)

Operation Measurement data is sent wirelessly to the LR8410-20, which is required in order to collect data. Up to seven units can be controlled. Operates over a line-of-sight distance of up to 30 m (98.43 ft)
Measurement parameters [Number of channels] 2ch (common GND)
[Measurement modes] Pulse (Totalization/Instant), no. of revolutions, logic (Records an 1/0 for each recording interval)
[Measurement ranges] Totalization: 1000M pulse f.s., resolution: 1 pulse; No. of revolutions: 5000/n[r/s] f.s., resolution: 1/n [r/s]
*n is the number of pulses, 1 to 1000, per revolution.
[Supported input format] Non-voltage "a" contact (always-open contact point), open collector, or voltage input (0 to 50 V)
Recording [Interval] 0.1 to 30 sec, 1 to 60 min, 16 selections, [Mode] Instantaneous value
Power supply AC Adapter Z2003 (100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz), or LR6 (AA) alkaline battery ×2, or External power: 5 to 13.5 V DC
Continuous use About 14 days using AA alkaline batteries (with an interval of 1s and Bluetooth® on)
Dimensions and mass 85 mm (3.35 in) W × 61 mm (2.40 in) H × 31 mm (1.22 in) D, 95 g (3.4 oz) (excluding the battery)
Accessories CD-R (Instruction manual, Logger utility software) ×1, Measurement guide ×1, Caution paper (using radio wave) ×1, LR6 (AA) Alkaline battery ×2, Connection cable L1010 ×2