Hioki-9272-10 Clamp on sensor Up to 20A/200A AC
Hioki-9272-10  Clamp on sensor  Up to 20A/200A AC

Hioki-9272-10 Clamp on sensor Up to 20A/200A AC

Leverandør: Hioki E.E. Corporation
Varenummer: Hioki-9272-10
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Total er incl. moms: DKK 4.475,00
Total er excl. moms: DKK 3.580,00
Ideal for measuring current with low frequencies such as inverter control devices
  • Superb low frequency and phase characteristics suitable for testing the current and power of inverter control devices
  • Wide 1Hz to 100kHz frequency bandwidth perfect for harmonic analysis, FFT analysis and waveform monitoring
Basic specifications(Accuracy guaranteed for 1 year)
Rated current AC 20A, or AC 200A (selectable)
Accuracy Amplitude: ±0.3%rdg. ±0.01%f.s. Phase: ±0.2deg. (45 to 66Hz)
Frequency band width 1Hz (±2% rdg. ±0.1% f.s.) to 100kHz (±30% rdg. ±0.1% f.s.)
Output rate 2V/20A rated current range, or 2V/200A rated current range (voltage output with the Sensor Unit 9555-10, use with a device having a 1Mohm input resistance or higher)
Max. current input 20A range: 50A rms Max. 200A range: 300A rms Max.
Max. circuit voltage 600V rms (insulated wire) (measurement category III)
Core jaw diameter φ 46mm (1.81in)
Power consumption ±11V to ±15V (tracking), 5VA Max. (use with the Sensor Unit 9555-10, which is powerd by AC 100 to 240V)
Dimensions, mass 78mm (3.07in)W × 188mm (7.40in)H × 35mm (1.38in)D, 430g (15.2oz) Cord length: 3m (9.84ft)
Supplied accessories Carrying case 9355 × 1, Mark band × 6
Note: Connect and power up Clamp-on sensor to use in combination with the oscilloscope, or the MEMORY HiCORDER
9555-10 Basic specifications(Power supply)
Compatible models Model 9270, 9271, 9272, 9272-10, 9277, 9278, 9279, 9709, one unit
Output BNC terminal, output signal from sensor
Power consumption AC adapter 9418-15, AC 100 to 240V, 50/60Hz, 20VA Max.
Dimensions, mass 42mm (1.65in)W × 82mm (3.23in)H × 132mm (5.20in)D, 600g (21.2oz)
Supplied accessories AC adapter 9418-15 × 1
Model 9272-10 Device Combination Table(use with the connection cord)
Compatible models Combination status Note
9555, 9555-10 OK (Directly connectable)
3193 (use with the 9602) OK (Directly connectable)
(Add 0.1% rdg. to accuracy)
8847 (use with the 8971) OK To connect via the Conversion Cable 9318
(use with the 8940)
OK Need the Conversion Cable 9705, and use with the Conversion Cable 9318 to connect Model 9272-10 to the F/V Unit 8940. (Not necessary when using Model 9272 due to different output wiring specifications.)
8855 (use with the 8951) OK To connect via the Conversion Cable 9318
3165 OK (Directly connectable)
3167 OK Need the Conversion Cable 9705