Hioki-3930 Hi Voltage Scanner, for 3153
Hioki-3930  Hi Voltage Scanner, for 3153

Hioki-3930 Hi Voltage Scanner, for 3153

Leverandør: Hioki E.E. Corporation
Varenummer: Hioki-3930
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Automatic Multipoint Testing of High Voltages
  • Maximum of 32 Channels
    In single mode, an individual 3930 can measure eight channels, and up to four units can be connected together for a total of 32 channels.In multi-mode, the 3930 has four high and low channels, respectively;and when four units are connected, up to 16 high and low channels can be tested.
  • Safe Design
    The 3930 can handle up to 5kV of direct current or alternating current.
  • The 3930 is a general-purpose high voltage scanner that can not only be controlled
    by using the HIOKI 3153's program function, but also by general-purpose logic and sequencers.
  • Primary Applications
    Insulation withstand voltage testing for electrical and electronic equipment
    Insulation withstand voltage testing for electric components
Operation modes Multi- and single modes ( External switch )
Number of channels Multi-mode; 4 high channels and 4 low channels
Single mode; 8 high channels and a common channel
Rated voltage used AC 5 kV/DC 5 kV
Control method General-purpose control
Relay area
Maximum open and closed voltage 5000 V DC, 5000 V AC
Maximum open and closed current 1.0 A (open and closed capacity: 50 W)
Contact point indirect contact resistance 500 mor less, with 1 mA AC
Contact point maximum capacity 50 W
Operation time 6 ms or less
Recovery time 6 ms or less
General specifications
Degree of Accuracy Standards for current leakage when applying voltage
Single mode, no output cable, and all output relays
Turned on for both AC and DC.
When applying DC (1000 V); 0.1 µA or less/unit
When applying AC (5 kV, 50/60 Hz only); 0.4 mA
or less/unit
(Differs depending on the status of the connection cable)
Operation temperature range 0°C to 40°C, 80% rh or less (no condensation)
Storage temperature range -10°C to 50°C, 90% rh or less (no condensation)
Operation environment Indoors, altitude of 2000 m or less
Withstand voltage High voltage terminal - between the chassis:
AC 10 kV, 10 mA, 1 min
Power VSCV 24 V DC, ±10%
(applied using the control signal input connector)
Maximum rated power 12 VA
Measurements Approx. 316 (W) × 100 (H) × 350 (D) mm
Mass Approx. 4.2 kg
Standard accessories Connection cables H.V. TEST LEAD 9615