Hioki-3390 Power Analyzer

Hioki-3390 Power Analyzer

Leverandør: Hioki E.E. Corporation
Varenummer: Hioki-3390
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Hioki 3390 Power Tester.


Introduction and Development Background
Energy conservation initiatives and efforts to promote widespread use of new energy sources are being pursued in a variety of fields in order to reduce CO2 emissions and prevent global warming. On the energy conservation front, these activities include the introduction of more efficient household appliances and office equipment as well as a move toward electrification with high-efficiency motors in transport, as typified by hybrid automobiles. Alternative energy initiatives consist of efforts to promote widespread use of alternative energies such as solar and wind power. These efforts will be increasingly important worldwide in coming years.

The need to achieve dramatic increases in the efficiency of energy-saving and alternative energy products is increasing the importance of measurement, not only as part of the evaluation process during product development and manufacture, but also in maintenance inspections.

In addition to high accuracy throughout a broad frequency range, these applications require easily portable power meters capable of measuring motor efficiency and harmonics.

HIOKI has responded to these needs by developing a current sensor-driven power meter suitable for use in applications ranging form development to maintenance and service. The company's development of a new high-speed power analysis engine-a key device for this type of instrument-enables the 3390 to deliver high accuracy throughout a broad frequency range in a compact, lightweight design that is capable of simultaneous high-speed measurement.

The POWER ANALYZER 3390's ability to deliver the industry's highest power measurement performance makes it ideal for use with the high-efficiency motors used in hybrid automobiles and electric vehicles, an application that requires 200 A class high-current power measurement capability.
New Product Overview
The POWER ANALYZER 3390 maximizes the advantages of both clamp-on current sensors, which provide coverage up to and including the frequencies used by inverters, and pass-through current sensors, which are capable of measurement at accuracies approaching directly wired instruments. Leveraging our expertise in clamp sensor engineering, proprietary HIOKI technology has made possible a current sensor-driven power meter that delivers high accuracy throughout a broad frequency range, making it well suited for motor evaluation.

Users can select from inexpensive clamp-on current sensors, which are available in 20A to 500A AC as well as AC/DC types, to high-precision pass-through current sensors, based on the requirements of their measurement objective.
New Product Features
  • Ideal for use in the development and evaluation of increasingly efficient inverter motors
    • The 3390's new high-speed power analysis engine provides the motor power efficiency and harmonic measurement functionality needed to develop high-efficiency motors such as those used in hybrid automobiles. Moreover, it delivers high-speed simultaneous measurement with a data refresh rate of 50 ms (6 to 10 times faster than previous HIOKI models).
    • The newly developed high-speed power analysis engine eliminates the need for a sampling clock, which was required by previous models to measure harmonics at low motor speeds. The 3390 can perform automatic measurement at the fastest refresh rate from 10 rpm to 100,000 rpm (with a 6-pole motor).
  • Ideal for use in the development and evaluation of new energy sources such as solar and wind power
    • The 3390 can simultaneously measure power conditioner input DC power and output AC power while analyzing up to 100th-order harmonics and measuring the distortion factor.
    • DC and True RMS current plus power integration functionality lets you measure power drawn from and sold to the grid as well as power consumption and regenerative power.
  • Ideal for use in inverter maintenance
    • Clamp-on current sensors make it easy to simultaneously measure primary- and secondary-side power while analyzing up to 100th-order harmonics and noise (FFT analysis).
    • Compact, lightweight design features an integrated handle for easy portability.
Product specifications
  • Basic specifications
    • asic accuracy: ±0.05% rdg. ±0.05% f.s. (50/60 Hz), ±1.5% rdg. ±0.5% f.s. (100 kHz)
    • Frequency band width: DC, 0.5 Hz to 150 kHz
    • Input: Isolated 4-channel input (support for measurement lines from single-phase to 3-phase/4-wire)
    • Measurement items: Voltage, current, active/reactive/apparent power, power factor, phase angle, frequency, efficiency, current integration, power integration, voltage peak, current peak, rms, total harmonic factor, phase difference, distortion, imbalance
    • Measurement functionality: Noise measurement; rectification method selection; scaling; averaging; efficiency/loss calculation; Δ-Y calculation; simultaneous measurement of true rms, average value, AC component, DC component, and fundamental harmonic component
    • Data refresh rate: 50 ms
    • Memory: Support for USB memory sticks and CF cards (support for long-term data storage on high-capacity media)
    • Communications interfaces: USB, LAN (including remote operation via a web browser using integrated HTTP server function)
    • Synchronized measurement: Supported (Data from up to 4 units can be easily captured and saved by a PC using included software.)
    • Temperature measurement: Supported when used in combination with radiation thermometer (connected via RS-232C interface)
    • Connection check: By vector display (easy, in-advance detection of improper connections during 3-phase measurement)
    • Display: Wide 9" display (800 × 480)
  • Options
    • Current sensors: AC/DC CURRENT SENSOR 9709, UNIVERSAL CLAMP-ON CT 9277/9278/9279, CLAMP-ON SENSOR 9272-10
    • Motor analysis function: Measurement of motor power, motor efficiency, encoder pulse reference phase, and electrical angle
    • D/A output: 16-channel (Generate analog output for up to 16 user-selected measurement items, or voltage/current waveforms sampled at 500 kS/s.)
    • Printer: With double-sided copy support
  • Physical Characteristics
    • Dimensions and weight: 340(W) × 170(H) × 160(D)mm, 4.5kg (EIA 4U rack-mountable)
Primary applications
  • Development, evaluation, and maintenance of inverter motors and associated applied products
  • Development and evaluation of household appliances and office equipment
  • Development, evaluation, and maintenance of power conditioners
  • Development, evaluation, and maintenance of transport equipment including hybrid automobiles, electric vehicles, and construction machinery
The POWER ANALYZER 3390 is a high-precision broadband power meter designed exclusively for use with current sensors. The instrument is ideal for use in applications ranging from development and evaluation to on-site measurement of devices including inverter motors, energy-saving equipment, and power converters.