Hioki-3244-60 Lommemultimeter
Hioki-3244-60 Lommemultimeter

Hioki-3244-60 Lommemultimeter

Leverandør: Hioki E.E. Corporation
Varenummer: Hioki-3244-60
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Total er incl. moms: DKK 312,50
Total er excl. moms: DKK 250,00
Compact ! Palm size body, Less than 1cm thin !
  • Better contact test leads with tip pin length 15mm and gold-plated
  • Only 9.5 mm(0.37 in) thick and 60 g(2.1 oz) in weight
  • Full auto-ranging function and automatic power saving function
  • Overload protection to 500 V at resistance or continuity functions
Regarding DMM Accuracy
Due to the many ranges and functions available in a DMM, only the basic accuracy is indicated for reference. Please refer to the individual catalogs for detailed accuracy information.
Basic specifications (Accuracy guaranteed for 1 year)
DC Voltage 419.9 mV to 500 V, 5 ranges, Basic accuracy: ±0.7 % rdg. ±4 dgt.
AC Voltage 50 to 500 Hz 4.199 V to 500 V, 4 ranges, Basic accuracy: ±2.3 % rdg. ±8 dgt. (Average rectified)
Resistance 419.9 Ω to 41.99 MΩ, 6 ranges, Basic accuracy: ±2.0 % rdg. ±4 dgt.
Continuity Buzzer Detection level 50 Ω ±40 Ω, Diode check: Not available
Auto power save Available (cancel selectable)
Display Digital LCD, max. 4199 digits
Sampling rate 2.5 times/sec
Power supply Coin type lithium battery (CR2032) × 1, Continuous use: 150 hours
Dimensions, mass 55 mm (2.17 in)W × 109 mm (4.29 in)H × 9.5 mm (0.37 in)D, 60 g (2.1 oz)
Accessories Instruction Manual×1, Carrying case×1, Coin type litium battery(CR2032)× 1 (for trial purposes only), Sleeves (Red/ Black each 1)