ETI-860-036 Budget Sous Vide thermometer kit

ETI-860-036 Budget Sous Vide thermometer kit

Leverandør: Electronical Temperature Instruments
Varenummer: ETI-860-036
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Total er incl. moms: DKK 1.237,50
Total er excl. moms: DKK 990,00

Each Budget Sous Vide kit contains:

1 x 221-041 Therma 1 thermometer
1 x 133-109 60 mm Sous Vide needle probe
1 x 600-475 Sous-Vide foam tape
1 x 830-003 zip pouch / carrying case


Sous Vide cooking has become more popular in professional kitchens over the past few years. New cooking methods require new temperature testing techniques. Both our Sous Vide Thermometer kits are designed for this requirement.

Sous Vide is French for 'under vacuum' and is a method of cooking food that has been sealed in airtight plastic bags then cooked in a water bath for a longer time at lower than normal temperatures. Testing the core temperature is important in Sous Vide cooking therefore an accurate thermometer is a must. This method of cooking ensures the chef maintains the integrity of the ingredients.